Headlight Restoration

Headlight clarity is extremly important in day-to-day driving. We restore your headlight quality & reduce oxidation by removing acid rain, insects, chemicals, road debris, salt, and pollution. We increase night time driving effectiveness by improving light projection. Restoring your headlight removes costly repairs & improves your vehicle's value.

Wash & Wave

  • Machine Applied Wax
  • Dress Exterior Trim & Moldings
  • Dress Tires
  • Clean Windows & Vacuum Tires
  • Protects Paint Up To 3 Months

Paint Over-Spray Removal

Over spray removal with auto detailing clay product.
Exterior protection service recommended after procedure.

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Carpet & Seat Shampooing

  • Carpets & mats are pre-spotted & scrubbed
  • Carpets & seats vacuumed & air purged to remove dust and debris
  • Carpet & upholstery are shampooed with heated extractor
  • Leather surfaces are cleaned & conditioned with pH balanced products

Quick Interior Spruce Up

  • Interior vinyl components are wet dusted with Tornador
  • High or low shine dressing to vinyl trim
  • Inside & outside windows & mirrors cleaned to perfection

Fabric Protection

We use a colorless & odorless fabric protector to procect against spills while it forms an invisible barrier around fiber so that it will not leave a stain. Applying it to new carpet & upholstery will keep the interior cleaner longer and make the spill clean-up & easy. A must get for new service vehicles.

Convertable Roof Cleaning/Conditioning

Convertibles are prone to environmental fallout, staining & spotting. We clean & condition your vinyl convertible tops with these services:

  • Cloth or vinyl top cleaned with special cleaner
  • Cloth or vinyl top cleaned with special cleaner
  • Cloth or vinyl top cleaned with special cleaner