Introducing Drive Kleen

Drive Kleen is the best way to keep your vehicle spic and span. Our services are especially catered to those who are always on the go. No one has the time to spend hours at the car wash these days. Why not let the car wash come to you? Gone are the days when you had to worry about using your weekend to clean the car. Moreover, there is no need to worry about your vehicle being damaged while at the car wash. Our aim is to make getting your car washed quick, convenient, and affordable.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Years Experience

Rest assured that we have well over ten years of experience in the automotive cleaning industry. We are a local family-owned company so we consider our clients family. Being treated like family is why we always deliver five-star service.

Our Team of Skilled Professionals

Excellent employees are the backbone of any good company. That is why each member of our team was painstakingly selected and is encouraged to continuously improve on their performance. The result is that we are able to deliver reliable service and restore your vehicle to pristine condition.

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Our Unequivocal Standards of Quality

At Drive Kleen, we strive to let our work speak for itself. Our competitive prices and attention to minute details clearly sets us apart from the competition. We also take the initiative to come to you and deliver our service in the location that you find most convenient.